What is a Ring Sling?

February 21, 2019

A lot of people ask me what are the advantages to the ring sling carrier versus say a Baby Björn….and my truthful response is always that they both have great advantages and if you have the luxury of owning both (as I did) you will realise quickly that they both have their place. For me the biggest advantage with the ring sling was the fact that I could ALWAYS have it with me and as my toddler started walking (only short distances) and got tired, it was always easy to pop her back into the sling, which i had in my bag or packed in with the stroller. (A technical carrier would never fit into my bag). Another advantage with the ring sling was the ease of wearing it at home. Given the softness of the fabric and the quick nature of popping baby in and out…it made life within the home easier, especially if my little ones were cranky and didn’t want to be put down. Now, onto what i deemed the biggest advantage and that was breastfeeding….which could happen basically anywhere with the sling. The ability to adjust my baby’s position to a comfortable feeding position and using the excess fabric to cover up allowed life to continue, wether I was at home doing laundry or out shopping groceries. Now, I would not say that the ring sling is ideal if you are heading on a 10 km hike….and again, i think the pros of each style of carrier are unique, but i wanted to answer the age old question of ‘why are ring sling?’ based on my personal experience. I also happen to think they look lovely which is just an added bonus. 🙂

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