Baby carrying in Autumn..

August 29, 2019

Fall is favourite season with many people…especially when the sun still shines on those crisp early days of Autumn and we start adding cozy layers to our attire. Slings are no different and we added 4 new beautiful hues to our classic linen ring sling in shades that feel ready for fall strolls with you and your little cub.

There’s a great added benefit of warmth and coziness, for you and your little one.

Introducing our new Linens..

August 29, 2019

We are so pleased to welcome our new, reversible linen sets to the collection of products for both mamas, babes and home. These sets come in two fabrics, either a 2 ply cotton muslin for the tiniest of cubs, and an extra light, soft cotton voile for toddlers and up.

The duvets are reversible and feature a hand block printed dot pattern on one side and forest animal print on the other side. These can be matched or paired with the reverse print on the pillow for a playful and whimsical look.

All the fabric is printed with pigment dye on 100% cotton, using sustainable and ethical processes in India, and finished with ties to eliminate any choking hazards and add a touch of sweetness to the finishings.

Ring Slings for Summer

June 12, 2019

I think June is sort of the official start of summer in most Nordic countries. May still tends to be a bit chilly and the sun isn’t strong enough to give you that real ‘heat’ on your skin. So now that it’s officially summer (right?)…we want to share with you three new shades of our classic ring sling! Sage, Peach and sky….aptly named after their soft pastel like hues. There is a very fine, and subtle pinstripe that also adds to that beachy, summer feeling and for this seasonal collection we are using our lightweight linen so when the temperatures really do rise up there…the fabric is also breathable, absorbant and dries quickly. We personally love the silver rings with these shades….but we also know that gold goes great with a tan! So you can take your pick. Come visit us at Tikau Showroom in Helsinki or visit us when we launch our webshop this summer.

Calendula Salve

February 21, 2019

We are so excited to announce that we have joined up with ‘Hila Herbs’ and created an all-natural, plant based salve that is gentle enough for even the most precious of baby skin, but perfect for everyone in the family to use….including you, Dad! Calendula is a flower that has antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, meaning that it is really good for especially dry skin, eczema and atopic dermatitis. It heals redness and rashes and can be used on small scrapes or cuts. And now during winter it can be generously applied to cheeks for a protective layer from the elements. The salve comes in a handy 30ml travel size or 100ml size for the entire family. For more questions, just send us an email: We will let you know when the product is available online!

What is a Ring Sling?

February 21, 2019

A lot of people ask me what are the advantages to the ring sling carrier versus say a Baby Björn….and my truthful response is always that they both have great advantages and if you have the luxury of owning both (as I did) you will realise quickly that they both have their place. For me the biggest advantage with the ring sling was the fact that I could ALWAYS have it with me and as my toddler started walking (only short distances) and got tired, it was always easy to pop her back into the sling, which i had in my bag or packed in with the stroller. (A technical carrier would never fit into my bag). Another advantage with the ring sling was the ease of wearing it at home. Given the softness of the fabric and the quick nature of popping baby in and out…it made life within the home easier, especially if my little ones were cranky and didn’t want to be put down. Now, onto what i deemed the biggest advantage and that was breastfeeding….which could happen basically anywhere with the sling. The ability to adjust my baby’s position to a comfortable feeding position and using the excess fabric to cover up allowed life to continue, wether I was at home doing laundry or out shopping groceries. Now, I would not say that the ring sling is ideal if you are heading on a 10 km hike….and again, i think the pros of each style of carrier are unique, but i wanted to answer the age old question of ‘why are ring sling?’ based on my personal experience. I also happen to think they look lovely which is just an added bonus. 🙂

An Ode to Summer

October 18, 2018

Summer is over here and as most Northerners like to frequently tell themselves…winter is coming. But no, we are not quite there yet! There is still fall…lovely, wonderful fall, and I am still hanging onto my recent memories of this past summer. My kids are finally old enough that mamma can sit in her chaise-lounge and watch while they play in the sand. But as the weather turns, here is one last ode to summer and the finnish archipelago before we start talking about fall and the inevitable arrival of winter. Wherever you are, enjoy doing nothing…for just a little while.