Rowan Essentials was inspired by my own journey through motherhood and as a designer who is continuously on the move searching for the perfect products to keep my littles ones comfortable, safe, and happy.

The carriers gave me the freedom and ability to continue my adventures while keeping my babies close to me at all times, and the baby+mamma products were all inspired by the trial and error of finding the perfect natural solution for my children’s problematic skin. And everything else we do is inspired by the joy of my kids, our love of nature and bringing comfort and ease into our lives.

In an effort to keep waste to a minimum everything is produced locally in Finland, and we partner with artisans and family run businesses who share our ideology and desire to protect our resources and use them with the utmost care and consideration. We create using sustainable methods that also ensure the highest quality we can provide you with. It’s also about creating meaning and simplicity in the home, honouring the labor of love and people who put their time into creating each individual item, which we hope brings joy and gratitude into life’s smallest daily rituals.